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Official information:

Epizode LLC
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Press and accreditation enquiries: [email protected] marked "PRESS".


Epizode⁴ will take place from the 27th of December 2019, 16:00 to the 7th of January 2020, 18:00.

The festival site will be open to visitors 24 hours a day.


During the daytime, children 0 – 12 years do not need a ticket in order to attend the event areas. children under 16 years old (aged 0 – 15) must be accompanied by a parent or guardian (18 or over) at all times. If you are 16 or older you can attend on your own, please bring id with you. Night events are not suitable for children and are for those 18 years of age and older only.


Tickets of all categories will be replaced with wristbands. You must not remove it until the end of the festival, or give it to other people. Unlimited entry and exit from the festival site is possible at any time throughout the validity period of your ticket.


It is prohibited to enter the event areas under the influence of alcohol and / or drugs. When noticed you will be denied access without the right to a ticket refund.

It is prohibited to enter the event area with the following products or materials: soft drugs, hard drugs, food, (alcoholic) drinks, glassware, (plastic) bottles, cans, flags, sticks, umbrellas, walking sticks (except medical crutches and tools), pets, banners, objects with discrimination and / or provocative texts and / or expressions, battle-, cross-, fire-or shot weapons or other objects that could be used as a weapon, objects which may negatively affect the safety, health or well-being of the visitors, spray cans, atomizers, fireworks, torches, means of transport, professional video-, audio-, recording- and photo equipment (does not include digital compact cameras and mobile phones with cameras function).

Everyone that enters the event area automatically gives permission to be filmed, photographed and sound recorded. The organization may use the pictures and recordings for promotional purposes.

Loud music will be produced in the event area. The organization is not liable for any negative consequences that may occur. The organization recommends using earplugs or occasionally visiting some of the quiet areas to give your ears some rest.

The program is subject to change. If specific acts are canceled. There will be no refund of entrance fees or other costs. The organization will always attempt to find a replacement of the same quality level with a similar music style.

Entering the event areas is at your own risk. The organization cannot be held liable for any injury, material damage and immaterial damage of the visitors of the location / event.

During the daytime, children 0 – 12 years do not need a ticket in order to attend the event areas. children under 16 years old (aged 0 – 15) must be accompanied by a parent or guardian (18 or over) at all times. If you are 16 or older you can attend on your own, please bring id with you.

Night events are not suitable for children and are for those 18 years of age and older only.


EPIZODE site is located on Sunset Sanato beach, Phu Quoc Island, Vietnam. Exact coordinates are 10.153099, 103.973504. You can find it on Google Maps by searching "EPIZODE".

You can find EPIZODE on Google Maps by searching "EPIZODE".


11 days and nights

4 stages on the ocean shore

Hundred international and regional artists

Techno, house, breaks, drum 'n' bass, trance, progressive and other genres of electronic music

Media Art: light and laser installations

Art objects

Food courts

Recreation zones


Our doors are always open for like-minded people who want to participate in the preparation of the festival as volunteers. 
You can take part in construction or the work of a decorators team, accompany the artists, become a service administrator or an employee of our Information Center. If you have relevant experience or you think you have something you can offer us, our team happily welcomes you. You will learn more while filling in the application Can't wait to meet you!


Everyone that enters the event area automatically gives permission to be filmed, photographed and sound recorded. The organization may use the pictures and recordings for promotional purposes.

- taking pictures and videos in all public areas while remaining polite and respectful of other's personal space;
- taking photos and videos on mobile devices and consumer-grade cameras WITHOUT detachable lenses and other accessories like monopods, tripods, action camera mounts longer than 30 cm.

- to take photographs, audio and video recording with professional equipment or even carrying any professional audio and video recording equipment, cameras (any camera with a removable lens), any accessories for cameras such as a tripod, monopod, mounts longer than 30 cm, various nozzles and removable lenses, other commercial equipment.


Check the Information Center at the Main Entrance.
Let us know about your loss by dropping an email to [email protected]

Turn in found items to any Info Point or at the Information Center.
Do NOT turn in found items to security staff or other festival workers.


- EPIZODE - is a one of a kind international festival of electronic music. It will be held for the fourth time in South-East Asia, on Phu Quoc, Vietnam's largest island.

An international team of experienced organizers of the largest events in the world from Russia, Europe, and Asia is in charge of the festival. The team states that its main goal is the creation of an event format completely new for the region, where the emphasis is mainly on modern art and music.

- 4 stages, over 230 hours of music, more than 8 dozen musicians and media artists from all over the world.

- Unique location surrounded by wild palm trees and ocean waves, on a white beach of the western part of Vietnam's paradise Phu Quoc island.


Large, vivid and lively Phu Quoc Island is becoming your number one thought when it is 3 months to go – but where to go exactly? Fair enough question and probably the most tricky and important decision – where to stay to explore it all? All of you have different priorities before planning this journey – let’s try to go through all the range together!

The most commonly visited area is called Long Beach and it is 20km of yellow sand, which can be subdivided into three regions: The North, The South, and Long Beach Village. Epizode location is almost in the middle of the coastline, slightly more to the south.

The North is intense! It has everything and everyone comes for it – so expect temples, resorts, hotels, nightlife, and shopping sites with a busy atmosphere. From the most northern point, it is 50 minutes to get to the festival. The very high-end of the North is represented with safari-park, golf fields and other delights as well as expensive accommodation – to name a few: Vinpearl Resort & Spa Phu Quoc, Nam Nghi Phu Quoc, Radisson Blu Resort Phu Quoc, Sea Sense Resort.

Long Beach Village is just near there too. Still one step far from cultural spotlights but looks more like backpacking area of Saigon or Hanoi. All the essential services from hotels to rental places or nice bars for a tourist may be found there. On the bike, you can make it to the festival in 15 minutes, by taxi – in 25. A couple of 2* and 3* options to consider: Langchia Hotel & Bar, Ocean Pearl Hotel, The Hill Resort, Orchid Garden Bungalow. Also, you will find some nice options north of the Epizode just 5 minutes ride from the festival site – MOJO Boutique Hotel, Audrey hotel & Villas Phu Quoc, West Hotel Phu Quoc, Amon Hotel.

The South is a newly developed, mostly quiet vibe, several luxurious resorts and private villas for rent, such as JW Marriott Phu Quoc Emerald Bay Resort & Spa and Premier Residences Phu Quoc Emerald Bay. But still, you may find some reasonable options. Have a look at these ones: Phung Hung Boutique Hotel, Linkin Garden House, My Lan Resort. It has probably the most wonderful white-sand beach – Sao Beach. But think twice before considering this part – you will need 40 min to get to the festival and other entertainments! You could always do a day-trip and come back for another great night party!

A bit better now? Perfect! So now you can dive through our lists and chose what appeals to you most. More details on the website!

*We kindly share this as a recommendation and not as a call to action to book certain hotels.

Vinpearl Resort & Spa Phu Quoc www.booking.com/Share-lfxMuR
Nam Nghi Phu Quoc www.booking.com/Share-lH4T9y2
Radisson Blu Resort Phu Quoc www.booking.com/Share-RiUx1w
Sea Sense Resort www.booking.com/Share-QD737H
JW Marriott Phu Quoc Emerald Bay Resort & Spa www.booking.com/Share-9mo82PD
Premier Residences Phu Quoc Emerald Bay www.booking.com/Share-W7Z3Pz
Salinda Resort Phu Quoc Island www.booking.com/Share-la393ML
InterContinental Phu Quoc Long Beach Resort www.booking.com/Share-p5qxyY
Muong Thanh Phu Quoc www.booking.com/Share-8onstT
Novotel Phu Quoc www.booking.com/Share-lH4T9y2
Sol Beach House Phu Quoc www.booking.com/Share-IgnKp0

Langchia Hotel & Bar www.booking.com/Share-kUfUuf
Ocean Pearl Hotel www.booking.com/Share-a0P7td
The Hill Resort www.booking.com/Share-gvlcvx
Orchid Garden Bungalow www.booking.com/Share-LXq0Z9
MOJO Boutique Hotel www.booking.com/Share-UZnirPM
Audrey hotel & Villas Phu Quoc www.booking.com/hotel/vn/audre…
West Hotel Phu Quoc www.booking.com/Share-EWpjOR
Amon Hotel www.booking.com/Share-pV7l4S
Phung Hung Boutique Hotel www.booking.com/Share-uo5IwC
Linkin Garden House www.booking.com/Share-W5OLFs
My Lan Resort www.booking.com/Share-kIdIui


By air to Phu Quoc International airport (PQC):
If you depart from Europe or Russia, you can fly to Ho Chi Minh or Hanoi with Vietnam Airlines, China Southern Airlines, Thai Airways and Asiana Airlines. There are many flights daily to Phu Quoc from Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh city operated by Vietnam Airlines, Vietjet and Jetstar Pacific.

There are also direct flights from the United Kingdom, Sweden, Norway and Italy – TUI, a tour operator and charter airline, launched nonstop flights to Phu Quoc island. From Russia, there are some charter flights as well. You can also find ready-made tours to the island.

Besides Vietnam's Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City, there are good news for Bangkok, Hong Kong, Seoul, Kuala Lumpur and Guangzhou! A variety of non-stop flights from these cities to Phu Quoc are operated by Bangkok Airways, Viet Jet Air, China Southern and Air Asia. Jetstar Pacific has launched a direct flight from Nanchang (China).

By bus and boats:
From Ho Chi Minh you can take a bus from Mien Tay Bus Station to Rach Gia port where you will easily find a boat going to Phu Quoc.

Some country's tour operators offer ready-made tours to Phu Quoc, where charter flights are arranged from various cities, as well as only tickets to the island by these flights.

Getting to Epizode is easier then you think! Come on, guys!

Regional low-cost airlines:

Boats going to Phu Quoc Island:


How to Get a Visa for Vietnam:
Apply and pay online for an e-visa (this is the easiest option).
Apply for a visa in person or online at a Vietnamese consulate outside of Vietnam. This is not the same as an e-visa.
Go through an agency to secure a "visa approval letter" that will be exchanged for a visa upon arrival in the airport.

Regardless of which method you use, your passport must have at least six month's worth of validity left to receive a visa for Vietnam.

Citizens of certain countries may visit Vietnam without a visa at all, but they are allowed to stay in this country during a limited period of time. A longer stay will require them a Vietnam visa.

We recommend you to get official information from your country's embassy or consulate of Vietnam and fulfil the necessary formalities in advance.

Visa processes and rules for different nationalities change frequently. Information you see online can end up outdated. If unsure, check directly with the Vietnamese embassy.


All over the world, festivals, both large and small, are growing conscious of their ecological footprint. This year Epizode also will focus on green credentials with the new eco-initiatives.

By promoting environmental awareness we are doing as much as we can to minimize the harmful impact and to strengthen the idea of a community coming together to celebrate the environment while listening to good music.

During the whole production and festival period, we claim to educate the team, local partners and the audience about the responsibility that one can take to prevent the collapse of the eco-system.

Epizode will control what comes onsite and into the festival's ecosystem – we choose to take action to limit plastic waste and positively influence the attitudes and behavior of our beloved guests.

Step on the GREEN SIDE with us!

Do not litter — and pick any garbage you might find along the way. Help us to maintain the beach and festival area clean and safe.

Please use our recycling bins. Help us by placing your waste into the correct bins.
Single-use plastic is not allowed on the festival site. Please do not bring any plastic packages or bottles with you, the exception is empty reusable water bottles. These can be filled for free at all of our water stations across the Festival site.

Cupsharing. Pay a deposit of 1 Token when buying your first drink at any bar, and keep the cup with you. Cups can be exchanged for clean ones with the purchase of a new drink. Just ask the bar staff. Used cups can be returned and the deposit will be refunded.

Please use water and toilet paper responsibly. Turn off taps and help us use water efficiently. Don’t waste toilet paper.

Please use sanitizers responsibly. For your convenience, we set up sanitizer dispensers across the festival territory. But please remember that sanitizers do not replace washing hands. Take good care of yourself!

Take care of your business in a proper toilet facility. The beach and the sea are not the places where one can do their nasty business. Violators will be banned from the festival area with no chance to come back. Please respect the environment and the people that are sharing the shore and sea with you.

The beach is not an ashtray. If you have the urge to smoke, be sure to dispose of the entire cigarette butt appropriately. You can also purchase Epizode pocket ashtrays on site. Get yourself one!

Don’t waste food. Buy just enough as you can eat or share.